Monday, November 5, 2007

Without Shame

Let she who is without shame cast the first stone.

So, a big thank you for the shout out over on Mile Marshall Lewis’s site: Miles is a writer, critic, and expatriate b-boy living in France and writing about the past and future of hip hop. I’ve read his books and in addition to being funny and smart, I use them as a kind of writer’s roadmap.

Above, you can see a couple of images I’ve been working on lately. Very different from my unsolicited but graciously accepted Bronx Biannual idea (visible on his site), but look closely, similarities exist.


Byron said...

hey there,

cool. cool. cool. didn't know you were a painter. I pulled this one onto JaxCAL. did some fancy thumbnails too. take a look.

I like these Madeleine.



steph said...


i can proudly say we are the owners of some MP originals.

we need to keep our collection growing!