Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Summer Time and the Livin' Ain't Easy

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that my regular posting on this site has been suspended. I don’t really have any excuse or reason for this, except that it’s spring, and I seem to have a severe case of Spring Fever. I find myself less and less able to give measured pronouncements about art and culture because more and more I am inclined to piddle in my backyard, or go treasure-hunting at the beach.

That is not to say that I plan to abandon the site, instead, I will attempt to post interesting thoughts to this site as I find them, and the occational review of a show.

Speaking of shows, Al Letson is mounting Summer In Sanctuary on the 17 & 18 of May at Theatre Jacksonville. Tickets are $15.00 and well worth it.

My review from a couple of weeks ago is here.

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