Monday, August 4, 2008

posters and culture

The other night I stopped by the Art Institute of Jacksonville’s show for Dog and Pony Showprints, Sight and Sound. Curated by the Institute’s gallery group (a student-run group), the show hung together with an effortless ease buoyed by humor and the, well, the niceness of everyone there.

Perhaps that intelligent-sans-competitive-edge vibe is a manifestation of the school, or perhaps it was the leakage from Sean Tucker and Tim McGugan. Founders of the studio, they are both really thoughtful and unpretentious. Their designs make intellectual, instinctual and visual sense...and a few are just really beautiful.

Of special note: The Helio Sequence (pictured) which was created with help from Karen Kurycki, and Handsome Furs (the shape of the snake’s head is fantastic) while the encapsulation of the text into a simple circle is Also, their first effort, a white on white poster for the film Heima deserves a mention: the art-historical reference is witty, and the piece was lighted in such a way as to enhance the poster.

Nicely done gallery group, nicely done Dog and Pony.

*Perhaps as importantly, the show illustrates the increasingly convergent world we live in, where art influences actuality, which in turn presents real problems for creative-minded individuals to solve.

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