Monday, April 13, 2009

A Quick Word

From Mr. Reinhardt concerning the nature of the marketplace:

"If you're a buyer if artists you don't get what you wants for what you pays for.

You pays for what the artist wants, that's what you gets.

The artist is singing before the collector calls the tune."

-from his unpublished, undated notes...though I am not sure how well that applies today, I liked the optimistic bent of it.


Mark Creegan said...

Old Ay Dee sounds like Gollum! Once we realized that, at its base, the function of art as a commodity is the same regardless of its form or audience. It is consumed for the purpose of signifying a social status, personality, political leanings, etc. And that applies if its a landscape chosen to match a couch or the most radical performance document. I appreciate the simplicity of those words but I am glad I live in a time when all that can be played with. For example,

Althea Viafora-Kress said...

Cambridge Apostle

madeleine said...

I certainly agree that 'ol Ad was speaking not in just a different time, but from a very rare-i-fied point of view...however, at it's core, it speaks to a kind of naive optimism that believes in the power of art...and I think I responded to that.

Ironically though (and as I know you know) Ad himself played with the marketplace, creating works that weren't just unreproducible, but virtually experience one, you had to go have the experience...

Pateda said...

Mamet said it best, IMO. A story boils down to a protagonist, what the protagonist wants, what stands between the protagonist and what he/she wants, and the resolution of that situation. Everything in a film should effectively serve communicating those elements. Anything else should end up on the editing room floor.