Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Work At JIA

Cabeth over at the JIA arts Commission was kind enough to invite me to show works in the kiosks at the airport. She asked for more three-dimensional works, and since I had been kicking around this vitrine/vessel idea, it was good incentive for me...often I am really, really good at the talking parts of ideas.

That being said, I produced some new pieces I am rather pleased with, and since I do not expect people to go out to the airport to ogle my work, here are some samples.

The works are found object, acrylic vitrine, and balsa wood (though I think in the future, I'll use birch plywood and a jigsaw). They are prototypes and I hope to watch them evolve.


steph said...

very cool -- congrats to you!

markcreegan said...

The work looks killer in the kiosks! They really should be seen in person folks. Grab yer two tickets to paradise and get on out there! Mark and I just finished with the gallery install this weekend.