Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I found this image on my friend Yvonne Lozano's Facebook page, from artist Mary Atwood. I love how the grandeur of the smoke/exhaust contrasts with the small determinedness of the shuttle itself.

Of all the things our government wastes money on, I am down with NASA.


Anonymous said...

Go Mary.

Anonymous said...

You might as well quit blogging. No one would mind really. There definitely are enough blogs out there but you really seem to just be forcing it now.

It's sad to see you not take it seriously anymore. I always enjoyed reading your blog but now it just seems to be a post here or there of a photo or flyer and no real writing or thought involved.

You have been really quick to criticize others in the past so I would hope you can take this with a grain of salt.

madeleine said...

YAY! Salt, the second spice I'd take with me on a desert island (the other being cumin).

So here's the thing, as I've been making more art, I am less engaged with the writing side of things...but I like having this space online, if, for no other reason than to catalogue the things that interest/amuse me.

And besides, it's my blog, I'll post what I like. If you find it forced or thoughtless, don't read it...easy-peasy.

Plus, it's super-awesome you went the Anon route...big ups to you.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess as long as you enjoy it that's what matters. True. True.

Yes it is your blog but you have often been so critical of others art work that I would expect you to take it more seriously.

And as far as the Anon route I wonder how many times you've commented anonymously yourself? I doubt you are innocent.

Your blog used to be so much more. Sorry to hear that making art is not helping your writing but taking away from it instead. You are such a gifted writer.

markcreegan said...

I don't need to add a defense here, Madeleine can and did do that quite well. Just want to point out that the reordering and refocusing of creative energies (writing, art making, getting married, etc) is totally in keeping with what an artist does. One cannot determine the "seriousness" of someone's attitude based on frequency of posts or production. A blog, no matter how frequently content is posted, is an organically rendered thing.