Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Boners for Mices

According to a recent Folio weekly story, marine is up in arms about Ronnie Land’s rendering of their icon. According to Folio, Marineland attorney Jill Barger sent the artist a letter accusing him of “trademark infringement and dilution.” She also took a swipe at Land’s aesthetics: “...the same dolphin with bad sculpting of lines...”

Though Land declined to comment, Screen Arts Gallery owner, Rob DiPiazza, did not, “It’s not like we took Micky Mouse and put a boner on him,” he was quoted as (unsurprisingly) saying.

For the full story, click on the above image that Mark George was kind enough to forward on to me.

Incidentally, Land’s show at the Gallery at Screen Arts opens December 5 and runs through January 31.

228 West King Street, St. Augustine.

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The Real McCoys said...

Easy pictures my dear friend

so watch the pieces

even when you can not see them