Monday, November 3, 2008


I am pretty new to biking...well, that is to say I am new as an adult to it. As a kid, we were a one car family, so that often left my mother, brother and I getting around town on our bikes (luckily we lived in a very walkable/ridable city).

But after moving down here, I gradually became one of those people who hops in the car to go less than five blocks. Now, though I still find myself using my car much more than I should, I often scoot around the neighborhood on my bike, and occasionally venture Downtown...sometimes the beach on two wheels (that is to say I throw my bike in my car, park at a friend's and bike around the beach...much easier than finding parking--and it makes everything an adventure).

So when I ran across this article that talks about how some cities are commissioning artists to craft bike racks, it was heartening. I think it is a great idea that doesn't just encourage bike usage, but also creates a new forum for public art. I believe that a part of creating a healthy city is encouraging the citizenry to be more healthful; and, that doesn't need to mean more time logged at the gym, it can be a community-wide initiative, supported with/by tangible reminders that support a car free-er society.

The sea monster pictured above is one of my favorites.

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