Thursday, February 19, 2009

parlous, penurious times

I've always enjoyed rambling through my friends' collections of things, largely because I am lucky to have friends of discerning taste and wit. A personal collection of objects illuminates not just one person's aesthetic, but also a kind of philosophy of life, the ability to reconcile disparate elements, and often a sense of play and humor (I think my friends are funny too).

So with the announcement that Christie's will be auctioning off the collection that took Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Berge a lifetime to build, there's a bit of excitement in the air, even for those among us who can only hope to get hold of a catalogue.

From the NYTimes: "BĂ©atrice de RochebouĂ«t, an art correspondent for the daily Figaro, said that no comparable collection had gone on the block here in the last 50 years. “There’s a real Saint Laurent taste that will remain Saint Laurent,” she said. “It’s a collection made with a lot of instinct, it’s the nectar of each thing in its domain.”

For me, the real treasure would be the opportunity to wander through the apartment, and see the images the way Saint Laurent saw them. However, until I become an international jet-setter, I'll need to settle for pictures.

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