Friday, March 13, 2009

Dune House, For Sale

The Dune House by Architect William Morgan - Tansy Moon - The best video clips are here

1.85 million.

Too bad the place will probably be bulldozed for a high-rise. Ideally it would be a wonderful place to endow as a part of a grant-making process for artists: buy it, set up a trust to maintain it, and let an oversight group administer it as a place of retreat, on say, a one month basis as a live/work (within reason) space.

I've been inside, the space is really smartly used and the overall effect is one of openness, ease, grace, and clarity.

Bill Morgan, the architect of the Dune House is described by writer Robert McCarter as: A modernist trained by the great modern masers, Morgan is paradoxically inspired by the most archaic works of architecture and it is in this way that he has been able to "to become modern and to return to sources."

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steph said...

if only we could buy that place....