Monday, March 9, 2009

The Generational: Younger Than Jesus

From left, Laura Hoptman, Massimiliano Gioni and Lauren Cornell, curators at the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Posts have been a bit thin this month as I was finishing up my tenure at Arbus magazine (I am now freelance again) and begin work on a couple of new projects, both of the written word and the drawn image.

I am also preparing for a road trip, which I hope to blog about...more details on that will be forthcoming.

Until then, here's a piece about The Generational: Younger Than Jesus, at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC. What I find truly interesting isn't just the ages of the artists (all under 33), but the method in which the curators chose to glean entrants.

From the article, "Reflecting the tough economic climate it is a low-budget endeavor. The show was only a year in the making. Rather than trotting the globe visiting artists, the curators relied on their Internet savvy, reaching out to 150 writers, teachers, artists, critics, curators and bloggers worldwide, for recommendations. From around 600 suggested names, the curators whittled the group down to the final 50."

International in scope, I also found it interesting that many of artists consider themselves, "post-medium." It's something I also see happening with many of my evolution away from one-form as their "correct" form, and towards the right solution for the {self-imposed} problem at hand.

Said Ms. Hoptman, one of the curators: “None of these artists are constrained by what they make their work out of, or how they make it. And that’s very new.”

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