Friday, June 6, 2008

Better to Obey or Resist?

I found this Florida-based independent artist-run store, Resist Today the other day whilst tooling around the interweb. Though I'm not fully sold on all of their products (lots of the layered imagery we've been seeing so much of), I really liked the tone and some of the information on their blog.



Brian Gray said...

good find. ya know i dig it!

James Dziezynski said...

Hey Madeleine,

I'm comin' over from Steph D's blog on a lazy Friday at work. Besides reading a few "new" blogs today, I also just assembled an Electra Karma cruiser for a friend at the office :)

Cool blog, I'll probably be schmoozing it here and there--

madeleine said...


Love to see you around...Brian, glad that you dig it! -mp