Saturday, June 7, 2008

the yumness

I am pleased to share that my good friend, artist Tonya Lee has started her own blog.

Slim on words, but heavy on beautiful images, the blog, Southern Atlantic Shark's Tooth Society reveals beauty in unexpected places. In addition, Lee has posted a link to an article where a high-school student has figured out a way to help manage the "plastic epidemic."

It make s for good and hopeful I am guessing the blog will.


Ben said...

I am having a hard time putting to words how much I love Tonya's work. I like it so much that it's like she figured out exactly what kind of stuff I like and then synthesized it better then I ever could.

I wonder if other people have the same reaction to her work.

madeleine said...

I think alot of people agree with you. Personally, I think her aesthetic is sublime!

tonya said...

wow! and to think I didn't even pay this ben person to say such things!

thanks folks.