Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{don't} get on the bus

Today I had a meeting with artist Richard McMahan for Arbus. McMahan is a truly extraordinary individual who creates minatures based on famous artworks that span the entire history of art.

However, there will be more on that in my upcoming article, the thing that struck me as a travesty, and beyond the pale, was when McMahan--who doesn't drive--shared with me that in order to make our 11:30 a.m. meeting, he'd left the house at 7:00 a.m., because the bus system here is so unreliable.

So, we can host a Superbowl but can't make the bus system work in a productive manner?

I said it when I first moved to this city (when I wasn't a driver) and I maintain to this day, that the refusal of the city to make public transportation more accessible and reliable is symptomatic of institutionalized race/classism.


steph said...

I always think about this in the morning because I would so prefer to take the bus than drive, but our system sucks.

That is what Jax needs to truly become a great city...well, along with some other stuff, but I think an excellent public transportation system would take us to a whole other level.

Archi-Phreak said...

You should go check out the debates and articles over at MetroJacksonville.com. They talk about the issue of public transit at length. There is a huge group of people in this city fighting tooth and nail for a more efficient and reliable public transit system, but the leadership in our community seem to see fit to stamp us all down at every turn and continue to push through more spending on roads and highways that simply increase congestion, frustration and outrage.

Ho, Ho, Ho! said...

Q: why did We concluded that the essence of art may be its communication of a singular perspective, and that when our society changes to the point where this no longer serves any meaningful value, we may not need 'art' any longer.

A: is this simply the desire for reconciliation