Friday, January 9, 2009

more pills

of course I am biased, but if the car companies, banks, et al...why not the papers too?

Oh wait, this is still a free-market society... all of this insertion of governmental/public funds into privately held companies certainly isn't Socialism and it didn't happen during the Republican watch.

...wait a minute...

And I don't have health insurance because?

So, here's Bill Nelson's email form.

And here's Mel's contact form.

If nothing else, writing inflammatory letters is fun.


Bike Jax said...

Sorry to hear about your paper gig Madeleine. I have so many friends across the country that are out of work do to paper cuts. (pun intended) For most this is their 3rd or 4th sacking and all are willing to pack up and move to a new city for another of what will just be an short term gig. The industry is throwing away some amazing talent.

Just got word from another friend down in Melbourne with Florida Today that they just got the cut.

The thing is, papers could save themselves just by simply going back to in-depth reporting on real issues. But have cut staffs so much they no longer have enough people that they can allow someone to spend weeks to investigate and work on the stories that will bring readers back.

I wish you the best of luck Madeleine.

Catherine Chandler said...


steph said...

just keep thinking, "obama, obama..."

madeleine said...


you are right. If the papers focused on good content, they might not be in this bind, and its funny, I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I am.

And I wish I could take it all in stride, but I'm still kinda spinning with anger...and like my friend Steph, I hope that when Obama takes the office, it'll provide enough stability and, well, hope that things start to get better.

Well, that or I can get a job as a substitute teacher...

Lover of Lies or Cheater said...

Thanks a lot for the detective mags. I had, before they arrived, been reading a detective story by Dorothy Sayers, and it was so bl... foul that it depressed me. Then when I opened one of your mags it was like getting out of a stuffy room into the fresh air. And, talking of detective fiction, I’d like you to make an enquiry for me when once you’ve got nothing better to do. A couple of years ago I read with great pleasure a detective story called Rendezvous With Fear by a man Norbert Davis. I enjoyed it so much that I gave it not only to Smythies but also to Moore to read and both shared my high opinion of it. For, though, as you know, I’ve read hundreds of stories that amused me and that I liked reading, I think I’ve only read two perhaps that I’d call good stuff, and Davis’s is one of them. Some weeks ago I found it again by a queer coincidence in a village in Ireland, it has appeared in an edition called ‘Cherry Tree books’, something like ‘Penguin’. Now I’d like you to ask at a bookshop if Norbert Davis has written other books, and what kind. (He’s an American.) It may sound crazy, but when I recently re-read the story I liked it again so much that I thought I’d really like to write to the author and thank him. If this is nuts don’t be surprised, for so am I. I shouldn’t be surprised if he had written quite a lot and only this one story were really good.