Monday, January 5, 2009

Imagine how exciting the crash will be

One of my favs, Dave Hickey answers questions and generally stirs the art-pot here.

"Good art is still available and being made, of course, but there is no art too sorry to offer at auction these days."

"I love art fairs. I see art. I talk to people who like art. One thing I did notice in Miami last year is that the big galleries’ selections of younger artists tended to be pretty lame—crocheted pink octopi, fake mahogany appliqué on sea-turtle shells, things like that. We’ve gone through 40 years of art becoming more vulgar. Personally, I think we are back, in a stylistic sense, to where we were after Pollock and de Kooning, on the verge of a period devoted to gradual refinement. You’ve got to recognize the end of things when they end. So I ask you: Can you get more vulgar than Richard Prince? "


Before the committee said...

it was the hay that saved us

madeleine said...

you mean John Constable?

With Intent to Steal by Algernon Blackwood said...

Q: John Constable dipped in purple

A: I do not think it is a matter of choice