Thursday, January 15, 2009

On writing

As a writer, I often find myself injecting my own thoughts and motives into others' works.

As an artist, I try to find ways to articulate my thoughts without obfuscating the work, and the intension (whether multi-faceted or not) behind it.

So I write statements pretty regularly, if only as an exercise for myself. My most recent works, some of which I have posted here are dealing with the horse both as a culturally iconic and as well as personal symbol.

I think, that in the process of writing, because one is forced to make things clearer, revelations are more easily ascertainable and understood. At least that has always been true for me.

Personally, writing has always been the opportunity I take to attempt to study an issue, a work, or even a person as one might a highly faceted stone. To let half-formed thoughts dwell in the penumbra, until they often unexpectedly pop out...of course these moments of clarity often come long after a blog post has published, an article sent to the printer, or a comment posted. But they remain, and often find themselves worked into new essays.

I'm not really sure what has occasioned this comment, perhaps I am curious as to why others choose to write. For me it often boils down to one tenant: writing helps me know what I think.


steph said...

Writing also helps me to validate what I am feeling...maybe not validate, but make it real. Once it is in ink, it is real, therefore, what I am thinking is real.


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madeleine said...

for me its about clarity, and the beautifully expressed thought (though not always).

perhaps its just because in most things, I am a fan of process...

Before Datapoint 2200 said...

Let’s be sensible about this. I put a lot of things into my work which are very personal to me. So how can the public feel these things? I think most people get to my work through the back door. They’re attracted by the realism and they sense the emotion and the abstraction — and eventually, I hope, they get their own powerful emotion