Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art Market and interesting linkages

From this morning's Guardian:

" ... Art is about life and the art world is about money although the buyers and sellers, the movers and shakers, the money men will tell you anything to not have you realise their real motive is cash, because if you realise - that they would sell your granny to Nigerian sex slave traders for 50 pence (10 bob) and a packet of woodbines - then you're not going to believe the other shit coming out of their mouths that's trying to get you to buy the garish shit they've got hanging on the wall in their posh shops ... Most of the time they are all selling shit to fools, and it's getting worse." --D. Hirst

And, one of my favorite bloggers, C-monster (Carolina A. Miranda), offered these thoughts about street art in museum settings:
"Museums have picked up on street art’s marketability as well. 'We have a totally new audience that’s come to the Tate because of this. We’ve had 10-year-old kids and 70-year-old people,' says Cedar Lewisohn, curator of the Tate Modern’s “Street Art” show and author of the related monograph, Street Art: The Graffiti Revolution. 'The exhibit has been a two-way thing. For people who weren’t interested in street art, the show was an introduction. For people who weren’t interested in galleries, it shows that we’re speaking to them, too.'"

However, I ask: if you take "Street Art" off of the street, is it still of the Street?

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