Thursday, October 16, 2008

a long, but worthwhile read

This has to be the best straight-up artist Q&A I have read in a long time {thank you design observer}. The fact that it features an artist I am newly intrigued by is just gravy. The conversation is between Tara Donovan and Lawrence Weschler and covers everything from content and process, to paying the bills, seizing the moment, and working hard.

“I think when I make stuff I go through this whole range of emotions, starting with I’m a fraud, I’m never going to be able to make anything ever again, ’til I get to that moment where the material does something that is just beyond me. It lands in a place somewhere between the limits of my knowledge and what one is capable of knowing. Isn’t that what the experience of the sublime really is?”

--Tara Donovan


Knight to bishop said...

Never enough Joans

Anonymous said...

this lady is seriously on her way towards understanding the nature of her chosen materials, it's interaction with and effects upon light,the textures, patterns,ect.
She succeeds perhaps because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Is refreshing to see someone who knows where they want to go and actually gets there, the stuff "works"

madeleine said...

I also like the fact that she seems humble, but not utterly self-effacing.

I was stoked to read it.