Wednesday, October 22, 2008


More and more, I find myself obsessed with bikes. Perhaps it is because of the change in weather, because instead of bolting from house to air-conditioned car, I find myself making up excuses to lug out my bike...we've even taken small road trips together to the beach (park the car at a friend's; bike over to the bar) and to Rails to Trails (though if you get caught out after sundown, be sure to have a lamp, it gets really dark--and a little scary--in those woods).

My favorite bicycle in Jacksonville right now, belongs (I am guessing) to an itinerant person...I really enjoy the simple, tank-like black frame, and the rear light, which looks like it was appropriated from one of Bob’s Barricades. I also find the height of this bike very pleasing and somehow reassuring. I see it around alot and it just makes me happy.

So, my new curiosity has also taken me around the web when I really should be doing more productive things (I also think I was rewarded by the universe for my dogged obsessiveness ’cause I won the above white bike). And thus I discovered Ahearne Cycles. They also make beautiful custom racks. I go to their webpage just to look...with racks that start at about the same price as a nice bike...looking is all I can swing.

*On a side note, for those of us who bike along the Riverwalk or sidewalk in Jacksonville, it is legal. Jacksonville law says, “A cyclist riding on a sidewalk or crosswalk has the same rights and duties of a pedestrian, however, must yield right-of-way to pedestrians, and must give an audible warning before passing.” Basically use common sense and courtesy.

Happy pedaling.


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Hey, I love your photos...they are really nice..

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