Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Code-Breaking...At Screen Arts

I just got this information about the Gallery at Screen Arts’s upcoming show, “Secret Code,” with Jesse Reno, Gabriel Shaffer and Thinkmule (Jeremy Pruitt).

My sources tell me, that this is designed to be a snapshot of what is happening in the artworld RIGHT NOW (emphasis source’s). “It should be a really sweet show and still pretty affordable for you aficionados. These artists are gaining some steam and some serious recognition, so don't be ignant! Come out, drink some cheap beer, load up on RapSnacks, and enjoy the visuals,” they say.

Personally, I will be unable to attend due to an out-of-town mission, however, I will dispatching a special agent to cover the show, who will be debriefed upon my return.

Silliness aside, last week I was privy to a conversation where it was outed that Rob DePiazza--the owner of Screen Arts and the fellow who stages these art shows for no more than his own desire to share the ‘wealth’--is getting really discouraged that so few people are attending his openings.

In the past, Rob has shared with me that he is in the very fortunate position to not need to turn a profit on the work that he shows. So we, as a Jacksonville-lamenting general public have an opportunity to see the curatorial eye of one man at work. Though I don’t always agree with Rob’s choices, I can do nothing but applaud the integrity he brings to selecting work, as well as acknowledge the importance of the role he plays in our tiny community. In fact, if pressed I’d say his is one of two of the most influential spaces currently operating, the other: J. Johnson.

I encourage as many of you who can to attend. Hopefully Jacksonville is more than a bunch of self-referential bloggers circumnavigating the Internet.

*note: “Secret Code” opening takes place {this} Friday October 3, 2008 - 6 p.m.–midnight.

Live DJs will be spinning music for the duration. Refreshments to appease the American palate will be served.

The show will run thru November 30, 2008. Please phone 904-829-2838 or 800-826-4649 for more information.

gabriel shaffer: doorway to the enchanted mesa, 2008
jeremy pruitt: nuncy, 2008
jesse reno: that which connects, 2008

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