Tuesday, September 30, 2008

part deux: the auction that wasn't

Saturday night I rode my trusty three-speed up to Flux Gallery to check out Kurt Polkey’s auction. I admit, there was a drawing or two that I’d seen, and I was hoping that the prices would accommodate my severely curtailed budget (recession=fewer hours).

I got there a little early, and the crowd was thin, but I just figured it’d flesh itself out as the night went on. I was wrong, except for a few people who wandered in then muttered among themselves “this isn’t art,” and a few friends and supporters, the auction didn’t ever get of the ground.

In addition to feeling badly for Kurt, I also felt that to a certain extent his/our community had betrayed him. This post certainly does not need to devolve into a lecture about support, but on some level I just want to say c’mon people. Even if no-one had bid on a thing, a crowd of tipsy well-wishers would’ve made a bitter pill easier to swallow.

And now that I have had a couple of days to ponder it, I think that in the future, a "studio-clearing" event like this might work more effectively with a few more artists, and even a preview of some of the works available (say online), and not on a football night...but I could be wrong. We might just be in the wrong financial place to be going all Sotheby's (even if it is the keg-in-the-corner 5pts version) on our own asses.

On the plus side, I got to chat with Morrison, and he was right about at the six-beer point, so his drawl came out, his talking points were a little murky, and he folded his skinny self into a chair and held forth of a myriad of topics...including his KFC (maybe he said Popeye's) chicken dinner.

The point being: the overall tone was fun...it could’ve been a great night.

*the image pictured is the one I took home.


Bike Jax said...

Holy Crap! I finally got to meet you and didn't even know it.

I'm the long haired guy that just had to question the swim goggles in the basket.

I too felt bad for Kurt. What puzzled me so, was the number of people I heard the night prior at the poster show talking about attending. And then witnessing that dismal turn out for Kurt.

I think you are correct that next time (if there is one) it should be more than just one artist.

Madeleine, it is finally nice to put a face with the name.

madeleine said...

that is so funny! no worries about fondling my goggles though, fingerprints are easy to wipe off.

And it is good for me to put a face with a name too.

Plus, I think we share one other commonality, I think we lived in the same apt (at different times) the little studio over Judson's on Oak?

: said...