Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lots and Lots

There are quite a few events happening this weekend. And though they've already been widely commented/blogged about, I thought I'd make sure that I noted them here.

I am super-curious to see what people came up with for Partisan the Sea, especially those in our community who are known for their wit.

And then, the next day (night) Kurt Polkey is holding an auction of some of his earlier works. He said he initially conceived it as a sort of experiment, but yesterday over coffee and politics, he admitted he was/is nervous. "I am curious to see what happens....but also nervous, if I can't sell something for $25.00 then I am going to feel really bad."

Also, I plan to post a review of the Next show at Flux, and look at the new Astronautalis album, Pomegranate...I'll give you a hint: good sh*t.

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