Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nathanial Hörnblowér and Oscilloscope Pictures

“What I really liked about indie record labels — the indie record labels that I liked, anyway — is that things were done in-house,” said Adam Yauch. Unlike most independent film distributors, which outsource nonglamorous aspects of moviemaking like poster design, marketing and DVD production, Oscilloscope’s employees — a tour revealed 10 young guys in skate shoes and headphones bent over laptops — will handle everything themselves, including handpicking which theaters their films will end up at.

His newest movie, Flow, which examines the looming global water shortage, calls out Nestlé's commodification of water.


KristenCollegeStreet said...

i love everything about this but especially fine young skateboarding mens-es and beastie boys. and that they do stuff. yeah - thats cool too.

madeleine said...

yeah, it should be, why can't I read your blog?