Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My own ego

Making Marks opens tomorrow, and I hope that people get a chance to go see it; and not just because I was involved.

And though there were some people left out that probably should've been included, the process was imperfect and a little rushed as we took it over from George Kinghorn as he departed for colder climes, I think overall, the show is multifaceted and interesting. It is also the first, the museum plans to mount local show on (perhaps) a semi-annual basis.

Here's a little about how we thought about the show, and approaching it:

Making Marks: Jacksonville Creates is an invitational survey that takes a closer look at the ways in which art is being made locally, and how these creative individuals are making their mark in the art scene today.

Many of the artists featured in Making Marks are nationally recognized and are exhibiting on a national level, yet remain relatively unknown in their own city. Displaying their work in a survey allows their creative efforts to be seen side-by-side, invites comparison with their contemporaries, and presents motives and methods that are open for question. This survey also allows the viewer to trace the evolution of the local scene, from more figurative and painterly approaches to more conceptual and atypical works.

So, whether you think we did a great job, or bungled the entire thing, hopefully it (the show) will provoke conversation and reflection...maybe.

*pictured: two of Dustin Harewood's fat belly paintings.

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